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Information about the application for hardship recognition

Information on the application procedure for applicants



The demonstrable inability to pay the semester fee is referred to as a case of hardship.

If the application is approved as a hardship case, the semester fee may be waived in whole or in part.

The processing of applications is treated confidentially.


Reason for application

Students can apply for extraordinary treatment to pay the semester fee due to their personal economic and/or social situation. The aim is to enable students to continue their studies even if they cannot afford to pay the semester fee.

Possible reasons for a case of hardship are listed in the directive on hardship regulations of the student body.


Submission of the application

The application for recognition of hardship is available as a form. The application for recognition of hardship must be sent to the together with the required documents.


Processing of applications

Recognition as a hardship case and the decision on approval is made by the Hardship Committee. The committee discusses the matter in a non-public meeting. Applicants may be present at the meeting. The result is communicated immediately.


Important information on the application for exemption

The Hardship Committee cannot guarantee that your applications will be processed promptly. Depending on when the (complete) documents are submitted, a decision on your case may not be made until after the end of the re-registration period.

If you are financially unable to pay the semester fee at the end of the re-registration period, you should check whether a deferment of your fee is possible. The  is the point of contact for this (NOT the StuRa).

Re-registration should only be made after the application has been successfully processed.


Important information on the application for refund

An application for hardship recognition can only be approved after independent re-registration (payment of the semester fee) for the respective semester for which a hardship case has been applied for. The matriculation certificate for this semester must be enclosed with the application.


Communication with the hardship committee

For questions or to send the application, the Hardship Committee can be reached at .

When contacting the StuRa by email, it is essential to use the HTW email address, as our emails may not be received by external providers. The StuRa can only reply to HTW mail addresses!


Counselling on the financial situation

Independent of the decision on the hardship application by the Hardship Committee, the Social Affairs Department of the StuRa can provide advice. In addition to the possibility of submitting a hardship application, further counselling can also be provided, for example by the Student Financing Department.