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Farewell Franke


After well over two years of commiting himself to the student representation Maximilian "Mäxchen" Franke has decided to take a well-deserved break. In the coming months he will spend a semester abroad. He will be missed greatly! Not only in the numerous bodies he was (and partly still is) involved in, but also as a companion and a friend.

In the student union (StuRa), where he is lovingly called "Mäxchen", "Zimtstern" and "Fränkler", he will leave a gap that is almost impossible to fill. He was more than once the anchor in the stormy sea, a stable constant everybody could rely on. He always had not one, but two open ears for every oh-so-little problem.

Regardless of the numerous challenges the StuRa had to face in the last year(s), he was always patient, known as "the ever friendly face in the A-building" and never complained about the workload. In fact, it is immensly impressive and quite superhumanly how he managed to combine his voluntary work as a student representative, his studies and his private life. Even more impressive since he was busting his ass like no other, sacrificing his time whenever and whereever help was needed and doing the work of others as a matter of course, not asking for a thank you.

But now we are thanking YOU. For all your sacrifices, your accomplishments and your friendship.